Thursday 23 February 2017

Welcome Back!

My original blog which detailed the development of our garden from 2007 to August 2016 was unfortunately lost as a result of a virus attack on the computer.
After requests from family members I am resurrecting the blog and the first few posts will act as reminders of garden development over the last nine years.Its amazing where the time goes!!
Below the photos show what the garden looked like upon our arrival in 2007. We had plenty of time to plan what to do as we bought the property in early Summer and did not move in until September. The garden extends to 2 acres and features a large spring fed pond but as the photos illustrate it was pretty overgrown and undeveloped. This was mainly due to the husband of the previous owner having died and it took sometime to sell the property. Fortunately for us it was the state of the garden that put other potential buyers off but we saw it as an ideal opportunity to create a garden which we could open for the National Gardens Scheme and therefore raise money for the nursing and caring charities the NGS supports. 


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