Tuesday 28 February 2017

Snowdrop Festival

Its been a good year for snowdrops and our collection manages to increase significantly each year so we can spread them around the garden. Plenty of admirers inspect them over our garden gate which iis nice to see. We are now working to increase our hellebore collection which come out at the same time and then last for several weeks.

Thursday 23 February 2017

A new pontoon!!

This Winter's major project is a new pontoon. Its partly a decorative feature but mainly a way that Sally can reach out to dip her watering can without falling in the pond!!
We got a local contractor in to do it and he started by putting concrete posts in last autumn while water levels were lower. Then wood cross members were bolted to the posts and decking placed on top. He built a bench out of spare wood from the deck and we got some rope to add to the feature.

Open Days In 2016

In the last seven years we have raised over £45600 for our NGS charities and last year we hosted Sally's art class, a photographic group, 23 other groups and over 650 people on the main open day. So a nice relaxing retirement!!

Pictures From Last Summer so blog nearly up to date!

The Kitchen Garden

The Orchard

The Pondside

The Lawn Area

The Pond

The pond is the central feature of the garden and required a lot of clearance work and extending the pontoon deck to enhance its role in the garden.

Woodland Garden 2007 to 2016

This is mostly a Spring garden because of the dense tree canopies. The path material is carstone which is only found in Norfolk and makes a really sound surface and blends in well with the garden.