Saturday 15 April 2017

Pond Side Colour

It must be a record year for marsh marigolds (Caltha palustris) as they are full of flower. The bog bean(Menthyanthes trifoliata) is also in flower.

Today the reflections in the pond are excellent with nice fluffy clouds and little breeze to disturb the water

Tulip Time

All our tulips are in full bloom about two weeks early!

 Tulip Ballerina (orange) is doing well and its the 8th year its flowered so a good doer!

 Tulip Shirley is a favourite because it starts off pure white and gradually changes colour to a lilac ripple!

Saturday 1 April 2017

More shots with Fuji XT1

A few more close ups 

More Photos with Trial Camera

We have one Primula denticulata which comes every year so must remember to get some more

The narcissus are bulking up well in the moist soil on the pond bank.

The Amelanchier features in an arty shot!

First Moor hen Brood Arrives

Just noticed today that after nearly 4 weeks the moor hen eggs have hatched, there 8 eggs but cannot count how many chicks for fear of them falling out of the nest in fright if I get too close!
I had to rebuild the nest with its eggs when inadvertently I came across it when cutting down dead Thalia leaves. Quite pleased the moor hens seemed happy with my redesign and theen carried on as normal!